Break #17 TEST ITEM NOT FOR SALE Fri Oct 28th 6PM CST

Break #17 TEST ITEM NOT FOR SALE Fri Oct 28th 6PM CST

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How it works-

Typing style break, this means anything holo or better will Go to their respective types and all bulk is evenly distributed between the spots. When breaks are filled they will be randomized live on the date of the break. The names and typings get randomized so it’s completely random which spot each person lands on. Each spot is not guaranteed to hit. However if any spots in a break go without a proper hit the "Safety Stash" kicks in and offers a sealed booster packs in most current sets and will be sent home sealed. 

9pk CHR mixed

9pk EVSK mixed 

9pk FST mixed 

9pk LOS mixed 

1 PSA Slab Randomized at the end of the break.













All sales are final and product is shipped out Monday and Tuesday Bi-week. 

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Included for all Group Breaks
(For Personals only orders, buy a Ship Out)